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FAIRY and FOUL of ST IVES by Jaki Windmill

FAIRY and FOUL of ST IVES by Jaki Windmill

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Illustrated by Sue Misselbrook.

An imaginative walk through the weird and wonderful creatures of St Ives. As Jaki explains: "I was brought up in St Ives and have always seen strange creatures - or maybe I've imagined them - as I have walked around the town. This book is for them and for everybody else who lives in St Ives - from me - in appreciation of a very special place. I hope all human beings - big and small - who read it will take time to use the map in the back to go and find the Fairy and Foul to show them their appreciation." In this book they are described in prose, poetry and pictures.

  • Format

    Format: 230 x 230mm. 28 pages full colour and illustrated throughout

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