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St. Ives in West Cornwall is unique. A strong willed, democratic and independent minded community, internationally renowned as a centre of artistic and creative excellence, St. Ives is one of the very few towns in the British Isles able to demand and sustain its own independent, local newspaper.

Founded in 1889 and published continuously since; the St. Ives newspaper has been under the same management since 1973 and owned by the same family since 1951. One of the first newspapers in the Westcountry to adopt computer based printing technology, The St Ives Times & Echo has never failed to appear without news and features of the highest editorial standard.

A properly constituted local newspaper that is the central nervous system of its community, 'The Echo' provides a forum for St. Ives and Hayle opinion. Lively exchanges in the correspondence columns and the enthusiasm of contributors stand testimony to a 'true readership' based not on the vagaries of circulation or free distribution but on sales.

St. Ives has the largest art market in the four counties of the South West Region with a concentration of galleries, dealers and museums greatly exceeding the cities of Exeter and Plymouth and second only to Bristol.

The success and international importance of St. Ives as an Arts and Cultural Tourism Centre has long been recognised and confirmed in 1993 by the opening of Tate Gallery St. Ives; a sister to the London and Liverpool galleries.

The South West is Britain's most popular holiday region. In Cornwall, St. Ives ranks the third largest market after Newquay and Falmouth. Lucrative and often buoyant markets can be found in servicing the needs of the art market, tourism, property, the hotel and guest house trade and adventure sports.

The St. Ives Times and Echo and The Hayle Times is the most effective medium for businesses and organisations wishing to introduce themselves to this exeptional community and consolidate successful ventures.

It provides a window in St. Ives, through which our discerning readers may clearly view products and services while for the advertiser it provides a window of opportunity though which to promote good business relationships.

A Window in St. Ives - Collage by Seb West


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Literary Genealogy:
St.Ives Weekly Summary,
Visitor's List and Advertiser, 1889 - 1910
Founder & Editor: James Uren White

The Western Echo 1899 - 1957
Founder: William J. Jacobs
Editors: William J. Jacobs 1899 - 1954
and Alderman Tom Bryant 1954 - 1957

The St. Ives Times 1910 - 1957

Founder: Martin Osborne Cock 1910 - 1940
Editors: Martin O. Cock 1910 - 1940
(J.U. White acting Editor during The Great War)
Gerald J. Cock 1940 - 1951
John Richmond Carver 1951 - 1957

1957 - The St. Ives Times and The Western Echo
under the common ownership of
The St. Ives Printing and Publishing Company

The St. Ives Times & Echo 1957 -
Editors: Geoffrey Harrison Carver 1957 - 1992
Toni Carver 1992 -